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// The Fashtons' 'Marionettes' for Daphne Guinness in l'Officiel Italia

“This song is very personal to me,” says Guinness. “As indeed is the whole album. I cannot sing or write something false. There are as many interpretations of songs and images as there are people.

“I met Fiona on a Wednesday and my intuition was to give her this song to listen to. And I knew from our conversation she understood. We started shooting two days later and I knew magic had indeed occurred.

“If it is torture for another artist, if the song does not inspire them, there is no point forcing it. I loved collaborating and collaboration is magical. I feel very blessed to have met Fiona and Ben.

“These songs are like children to me. They are my soul. To trust another person with them I have to be inspired too. Fiona got it right away.” 

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