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Hey NV10, bring me out to Vancouver!

Hey guys - here's my plea for one (or hopefully two, seeing as it's a couple thousand kilometerssss....) of your generous travel bursaries.

I moved from my hometown of Vancouver to my other hometown of London, England, last July, after six years of givin' 'er a go as a fashion photographer in Vancouver's somewhat less-than-vibrant fashion market.  While of course I miss my friends and family, the beach, the seawall, the spring Sakura, ohhh my God, the food at Guu.. I am really committed to pursuing my career, and this is where it has led me.

Check out my lil video below, my appeal to you, the NV10 team, to bring me across a very large pond to come and trade ideas and new approaches with everyone at Northern Voice 10.

I feel like I have a gift for sharing experiences and opening people up to new ways of expressing themselves.  I have a lot of friends and colleagues in the sprawling Vancouver social media network, and would love the opportunity to meet up with everyone to both share and to absorb ideas, methods and tips as far as getting our work out there, and just to share share share!


If you like, check me out through my friends and colleagues in Vancouver - lovelies like Kris Krug and Rachel Zottenberg of Grace Gallery not to mention my former boss Vanessa Leigh and my editor Michael Mann at ION Magazine where I was the photo editor for five years, as well as the admin and instigator of our flickr pool.

(As an aside, maybe the reason I came out so technologically inclined <read: nerdy> was as a result of growing up in the same house as my techie pioneering big bro, Alex Garden, one of the founders of Relic Entertainment, currently reinventing the Deathstar at Microsoft.)

As well, incase you missed the links in the video, here they are again:

My website for my fashion photography

My twitter

My Crackbook

My (I must admit, totally killer) StumbleUpon

My LinkedIn

...and on a final, heart-wrenching, family-oriented note, the event falls over the weekend of my dear old Dad's 65th birthday, so being back "home" would allow me to share that with him as well - and really, it's all about sharing, right?